Vinyl Wraps and Graphics

 X-treme Graphics & Lettering was established in 1996. Ever since it has been one of the premier vinyl graphic shops in the Midwest. Located at 1000 N. Ridge Ave. in Lombard, IL 60148, X-treme Graphics is able to provide it’s customers with high quality products & services. No job is too large or too small.

Hours of Operation

Monday thru Friday 9am – 6pm
Saturday 9am – 3pm
Sunday Closed 

Nearly all of TKO Modified's builds are expertly vinyl wrapped by the professional and courteous team at Xtreme Graphics and Lettering.  They are our oldest and most reliable sponsor and an important part of what we do.  If  you're interested in their services reach out to them or visit them for a quote.

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EcuTek Technologies Ltd. has been formed with a unique combination of skills and abilities to offer the tuning industry and car enthusiast highly technical products based around performance car engine management technology.

EcuTek Technologies Ltd. has brought together a diverse range of skills in order to develop high technology ECU tuning products. EcuTek brings together the skills, perspectives and enthusiasm of automotive, mechanical, electronic & computer engineers with many years of experience at the top of their respective fields.

EcuTek design and produce high performance ECU tuning and remapping programs for Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda, and Nissan vehicles. These programs allow a true and clean remap of the standard ECU, providing the tools to tune to suit almost any circumstance.

Some of the largest names in the tuning industry choose EcuTek. We offer excellent support through training events, telephone and email support as well as webinars.


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Our name defines our mission, horsepower without compromise. Drivability is never to be compromised for performance. Since our inception in 2003, we have strived to create the highest quality products to cater to the automotive aftermarket tuning industry. Bred from a true conglomerate of horsepower and racing enthusiasts, our brand is synonymous with the highest horsepower cars in the world.

Boost is our passion and our dream. We are a group of diehard enthusiasts who have an ever-burning desire for speed and perfection. We vow to please our customers, ensuring your vehicle performs beyond your expectations. Our goal is to build the perfect car for your needs. Employing the best trained professionals with unmatched levels of experience, we extensively research, develop, and construct all the parts you need. Whether installed at our facility or at any of our dealers across the world, our Boost Logic branded parts ensure you are happy every moment of your experience..

Boost Logic is an import piece of the puzzle here at TKO Modified while we build our biggest project yet - BENZILLA.  Building a car that will perform at this level is a complicated process but working with Boost Logic has made it easier than we could have ever imagined.  We look forward to showcasing more of their excellent parts on more of our builds in the near future.

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 Jacks Transmissions LLC:
Owned and operated by Jack McGee, in Colorado Springs, CO. We strive to provide top quality sales, service, and support for our products Worldwide.

We offer a wide variety of services:
Jacks Transmissions is not only a top quality transmission rebuild company, but we also offer sales of transmission parts and have a fully operational general service center for automotive repairs. If that wasn't enough, we also perform complete engine rebuilding in-house!  Our service department is maintained by Kevin McGee. His love for the work makes him perfect for the job, instead of hiring a minion which may be unable to give the same quality of work like you see at most other repair shops. Kevin's extensive knowledge and attention to detail is hard to find in a repair center.  The man is full of very useful and hard-to-find information.  If you are in need of sales information, product literature, technical support, or just about anything that has to do with your vehicle, stop by and see what we have to offer!

Why shop Jacks Transmissions?
Our unique approach to the sales process assures that you will always receive the best configuration for your needs. From the identification of requirements to the proper matching of parts/upgrades for a particular purpose, our sales staff will guide and suggest solutions that not only fit your requirement, but meet your budget as well. With so many options available, this guidance can prove to be very helpful. With a 14 month unlimited mileage warranty, we also have the best warranty in the business proving that our product quality is the best you can find here at Jacks Transmissions.


3920 North Weber Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Hours of operation are currently Tue-Fri 8:30AM-7PM MDT.

Or feel free to give us a call at 719-268-6011


A relatively new sponsor with TKO Modified but an extremely important one.  Jack and his staff are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, last year they helped our head mechanic rebuild his GR6 transmission all the way from Colorado.  We are very excited about our future with them - with plans to add more built drive lines to both our GT-Rs and our team Evos in the near future, we couldn't have picked a better company to partner with.

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